Art Installation
Year: 2019

Studio John Fish present their artwork ‘Evolve’ at Mercedes Me Store – activating the atrium space overlooking Collins St in Melbourne’s CBD.




Reminiscent of a DNA’s spiraling double helix, this suspended sculpture is inspired by the premise that ​change is inevitable. Throughout all aspects of life, be it in the arts or sciences; processes of growth and evolution always deliver us to the new and unexpected. Concepts of change are particularly relevant now at a time when complex challenges face us within our natural world.

‘Evolve’ aims to visually suggest these ideas through an elegantly illuminated series of repeating shapes that rotate incrementally as a continuous progression. As each shape repeats, its angle and position shift slightly creating a mesmerising visual effect. Studio John Fish hope to encourage audiences to contemplate on this shifting form and how it mirrors aspects of our own lives which are undoubtedly part of a greater evolution.

© Studio John Fish 2019