Art Installation
Year: 2019

Studio John Fish make their debut at VIVID 2019 with an immersive installation ‘Specularity’. This piece offers a unique visual experience that plays with one’s sense of space and time while allowing the audience to become part of the artwork.



Reminiscent of ancient observatory structures such as Wurdi Youang on Wathaurong Country in Victoria and Stonehenge, this sculptural piece consists of 24 mirrored pillars in a circular configuration – symbolising the hours of the day. Outside this are another twelve pillars representing months of the year while a large infinity cube, shifting with mesmerising colour and depth, sits as central ‘sun-like’ focal point. This sculpture appears vastly different from day to night and will reflect the beautiful surrounds of Sydney Harbour as well as the festival attendees themselves.

Specularity encourages both young and old to consider complex interlinking life cycles found in our natural world and to reflect on how we exist within these systems.

© Studio John Fish 2019