The Medusa

Multimedia Installation
Year: 2016

Studio John Fish looked to nature as inspiration for this concept. We were surprised to learn of Craspedacusta Sowerbyi, a jellyfish found in the fresh waters of Victoria’s Rivers. When it reaches maturity this elusive creature is referred to as a medusa – the title of this project.




The Medusa is a large suspended pendant-like installation which utilises various lighting and sculptural techniques. By implementing new technologies, non-traditional materials and unique lighting elements Studio John Fish has recreated the unearthly wonder found deep underwater including bioluminescence and phosphorescence. Floating magically this ethereal spectacle pulsates with light and glows with a surreal aura.

As a final element the Medusa includes an immersive soundscape telling the story of the life cycle of this mysterious creature. Studio John Fish hopes that by presenting this creature in a new light we would communicate an underlying message, encouraging biodiversity and environmental awareness.

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